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In 2015 AbstonConsulting published three guides to help caregivers understand and practice the important concepts of trauma informed care.  The booklets are part of our live training program where Trauma Informed Care is delivered in nine sessions.  The classes are designed to deliver the important theories and concepts of trauma informed care to the class. The presenter allows for students to reach their understanding and clarity within each concept through open discussion, questions and handouts.  The program includes three training booklets that contain three chapters each that build on the trauma informed care philosophy.  Each booklet has a glossary with definitions.  The booklets are interactive with questions and dialogue to help the caregiver remember to use key words and concepts while in the milieu. 

 Book I  
Intro to Trauma Informed Care
Characteristics of Youth In Residential Care
Positive Behavior Support

 Book II   
Positive Psychology
The Impact of Complex Trauma

 Book III  
Frameworks of the Attachment Theory
Our Commitment To TIC Environment

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