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Sierra Quest Human Services, Inc.  


Scott Seymour founder (left) and Jerry Lura Administrator (right) have taken Sierra Quest Human Services, Inc. to an extraordinary level.    

Sierra Quest Academy is a level 10 group home for boys located in Mariposa County.   In three years Scott has developed his THP+FC program and it's running strong helping youth become successful in daily living in Mariposa, Fresno, and Madera Counties.  And, of course to tie the services together, Scott opened the FFA in Mariposa to fill that need as well. 

Scott is a visionary who appreciates, and trust the professional consulting Dr. Abston has given him over the years.  The entire company at Sierra Quest Human Services participated in the Trauma Informed Care/EQ Service Model program, and we congratulate him and his entire staff on their service expansion and success.

We thank you for your phone call Scott, and we want to share it with others.

"Les, Theresa, Scott Seymour here.  Just wanted to reach out and say hello, some good news, about a month ago we received our STRTP license.  We are the only single (6 bed) facility STRTP in the state of California with only one Group Home.  You guys did us right, and the THP, FFA;  we now have our ISFC Intensive Services Foster Care Program up and running we are still going on strong!"

We are dedicated to Scott and his team's success!!  

Congratulations Scott!