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Our Organizational Development & Management expert will transform your human services organization into a trauma-informed organization.  A trauma-informed organization will provide a healthy and healing environment to effectively deliver your program services needed by your client. 

“Providing trauma-informed relationships helps the individual overcome some of the adverse affects of past trauma: lack of safety; distrust and possible feelings of betrayal; coercion and absence of choice; uncertainty regarding what will happen next; and disqualification and humiliation in response to efforts at self-assertion and self advocacy.” (Hodas, G. MD, 2013).

Our program is designed and proven to promote a positive system change in your human services delivery.  We present a model that is trauma-informed so that your services are healthy and healing, your staff is able to conceptualize the client in proper perspective, and your staff learns how to treat the client in a healthy and safe manner.

Organizational systems that provide a healthy and healing environment:

Healthy and Healing EnvironmentsNot Healthy and Healing Environment

Increased milieu effectiveness by staff supported with new skills and competencies.

Lack of a clear, consistent, comprehensive, and coherent theoretical model for delivering services.
Communication and feedback are encouraged.                                 Communication failure, broken feedback loops       between and among members is the norm.

Recognize and support
consensus-building approaches
to problems.

Hierarchical management structures
that encourage obedience to authority but do not encourage initiative, innovative problem-solving or direct conflict resolution.
Everyone has a strong sense of
mission and  purpose
Unclear ideas about what constitutes success in the program.
Referenced from: (Bloom, S &
Farragher, B., 2013).